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Robinson Public Library District

Genealogy Research Requests

Information regarding genealogy research requests.

Genealogy Research

 We welcome you to visit our Genealogy Room! 

Basic assistance is available from staff during regular business hours. There is a staff member in the genealogy room on Mondays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. to aid with specific requests.

No genealogy items may be checked out of the library.

Research Information:
       *Due to a small staff, we can only do specific  
        research if a date is included. For example, 
        if you would like an obituary, we would need to
        know the date of death.

            *Copies - $.20/page

 Please include with your request:
        *Mailing address
        *E-mail address (if applicable)


Requests may be sent to:

Robinson Public Library District
606 N. Jefferson Street
Robinson, IL 62454

Phone: 618-544-2917
Fax: 618-544-7172


If you have an extensive search request, please contact the library for the name and contact information of a researcher who would be able to assist you.