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Robinson Public Library District

Board Of Trustees Meeting September 15, 2020

Minutes of the September 15, 2020 Robinson Public Library District Board Meeting

Members present in-person: Michael Garrard, Todd Liston, and Debbie Walls.  Via Zoom: Allen Summers and Debbie Scott. Members absent: Wendy Kastner and Rhonda Moade. Total members present: 5

Staff present: Michelle Blair, Assist. Director; Doug Roberts, Director; Janice Shick, Bookkeeper Guests present: Jodi Truitt, Kemper CPA Group

Public Present: None

Meeting called to order at 5:30 p.m.

Action Items:

  • Jodi Truitt presented results from the annual library audit by Kemper CPA Group. Board approved results as presented.  Roll call of five
  • Approved to accept minutes of August 18, 2020 board meeting as written, with no changes. Roll call of five approved.
  • Approved the August Check Register results as presented by bookkeeper, Janice Shick. Roll call of five approved.  Board also provided with a review of the month/year-to-date balance sheet results; the aged payables; the investment and reserves report; and the Excess Accumulation of Funds report.
  • Approved FY 2020 Annual Treasurer’s Report. Roll call of five
  • Approved Levy Ordinance (Ordinance No: 2020-6) for fiscal year July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021. Roll call of five
  • Approved, regretfully, to accept the board resignation letter submitted by Wendy Kastner, which was read by board President Debbie Scott during the August 18, 2020 board meeting. Roll call of five approved.
  • Approved proposal from First Choice Electric to upgrade from fluorescent to LED lighting on the ground floor main space – children and adult reading areas. Roll call of five

Discussion Items:


  • Board heard the President’s Report from Debbie Scott which highlighted the following:
    • Guy Rumler of Hutsonville is interested in assuming the board vacancy created by the resignation of Wendy Kastner for the remainder of her term, through April 2021. Rumler has also expressed an interest in running for a full term during the April 6, 2021 consolidated election.  Board agreed to vote on the subject at the October meeting.
  • Board heard Director's report which highlighted the following:
    • Library district will be closed on November 3, 2020 in accordance with legislation passed on June 6, 2020 (Senate Bill 1863) that declared that date as a state holiday for 2020 for government offices. Polling activities at any of the district facilities that host voting would still take place.
    • Illinois Public Library Annual Report (IPLAR) submitted on time.
    • Still waiting on one piece of equipment before installation of the new smartboard can occur. Projecting an installation date before the end of September.
    • Announced the winner of the district’s logo contest, which was Ariel Wilson of Oblong.
    • Reminded that the community-wide shred event is scheduled for Saturday, September 19, 2020 from 8 a.m. to noon at the Robinson library parking lot.
    • Planning underway for a combination fall children’s event/book sale in October, around the Columbus Day holiday. Activities would be held outside on the library grounds to promote social distancing.
    • Michelle Blair working on a couple of grant opportunities – one for cost offset of personal protective equipment (PPE) associated with the prevention of COVID-19 at our facilities and the other for improved internet service at our branch locations.
    • Working to relocate a spare printer at the Robinson location to Hutsonville branch, which would alleviate the need for three different printers at that location.


Meeting adjourned at 6:31 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,




Michael Garrard, Secretary





Deborah Scott, President