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Robinson Public Library District

Board Of Trustees Meeting October 20, 2020

Minutes of the October 20, 2020 Robinson Public Library District Board Meeting

Members present in-person: Todd Liston, Debbie Scott and Debbie Walls.  Via Remote: Allen Summers. Members absent: Michael Garrard and Rhonda Moade. Total members present: 4

Staff present: Michelle Blair, Assist. Director; Doug Roberts, Director; Janice Shick, Bookkeeper Guests present: None

Public Present: None

Meeting called to order at 5:13 p.m.

Action Items:

  • Approved to accept minutes of September 15, 2020 board meeting as written, with no changes. Roll call of four approved.
  • Approved the September Check Register results as presented by bookkeeper, Janice Shick. Roll call of four approved.  Board also provided with a review of the month/year-to-date balance sheet results; the aged payables; and the investment and reserves report.
  • Approved a newly written COVID-19 policy for the district. Roll call of four
  • Approved a newly written Security Camera policy for the district. Roll call of four
  • Approved a Dress Code policy change for the district. Roll call of four approved.
  • Approved a Staff in Building during Closed Hours policy change. Roll call of four
  • Approved a Remote Work policy change for the district. Roll call of four approved.

Discussion Items:


  • Board heard the President’s Report from Debbie Scott which highlighted the following:
    • Guy Rumler of Hutsonville is still interested in the board vacancy. He was unable to attend the October meeting due to a scheduling conflict.


  • Board heard Director's report which highlighted the following:
    • Smartboard was installed in the Newlin room on October 2, 2020. Staff is currently learning about the equipment’s functionality and potential uses.
    • The shred event held on September 19, 2020 was deemed a success. We had an equivalent of 183 bankers boxes shred.  We had several positive comments by those dropping off items for shredding.  We also received a hand-written thank you note from Ellen Reese.
    • The fall children’s event “Pumpkin Grove”, which was held outside adjacent to the Newlin room on October 8, 2020, had a nice turnout. We had 93 children and 70 adults in attendance.  We received several positive comments from attendees. 
    • Our book event held the week of October 7, 2020, netted just over $800 in contributions. We are exploring how best to deploy the collected funds.  It was mentioned that some or all of the funds could be used for a Christmas-related project or event.  More discussion will be had at the November meeting.
    • The spare Ricoh copier/printer, which was once used in ALP, was deployed to the Hutsonville branch on October 13, 2020. As a result of the move, we were able to consolidate from three copier and/or printer units down to just the one multi-functional unit.  This will result in a monthly lease savings of $20.49.
    • Developing new scorecards for the individual branches that will enable to reduce the amount of time needed to complete the IPLAR at the end of FY21.
    • Sometime during the week of October 26 First Choice Electric will be bringing one individual light lens to check for fit before commissioning the fabrication of the remaining needed lenses for our main floor lighting project.
    • Had an in-house visit with a representative from EnvisionWare on October 15, 2020. We discussed potential self-checkout kiosk options and purchasing RFID tags.  


Meeting adjourned at 6:00 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,




Michael Garrard, Secretary





Deborah Scott, President