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Robinson Public Library District

Board Of Trustees Meeting November 17, 2020

Minutes of the November 17, 2020 Robinson Public Library District Board Meeting

Board members present in-person: Michael Garrard, Guy Rumler and Debbie Walls (arrived approx. 5:07).

Board members present via Remote: Todd Liston, Rhonda Moade, Debbie Scott and Allen


Board members absent: None. Total board members present: 7

Library staff present in person: Asst. Director Michelle Blair, and Janice Shick, Bookkeeper. Library staff present via remote: Director Doug Robe1is

Guests present: None Public Present: None

Meeting called to order at 5:00 p.m.


Action Items:

  • Approved to accept minutes of October 20, 2020 board meeting as written, with no changes. Roll call of five
  • Approved the October Check Register results as presented by bookkeeper, Janice Shick.

Roll call of five approved. Board also provided with a review of the month/year-to-date balance sheet results; the aged payables; and the investment and reserves report.

  • Approved appointment of Guy Rumler to board of trustees for the duration of Wendy Kastner's board term. The term expires April 2021. Roll call of six approved.
  • Approved an estimate from First Choice Electrical Service in the amount of $4,890 to

provide and install both conduit and CAT6 cables from the IT rack in the basement to the Newlin room for improved internet connectivity. Roll call of seven approved.

  • Approved an estimate from Tohill's Tree Service in the amount of $3,200 for removal of two large trees and two small trees on the Robinson Library prope1iy. Roll call of seven approved.
  • Approved payout of annual staff bonuses, in the same amount as the 2019

payout, for the November 27, 2020 paycheck. Roll call of seven approved.

  • Approved, at Director's discretion, moving between full-service, curbside service and full shutdown, based on state, regional and/or local health department guidance, anytime between Wednesday, November 18, 2020 and January 15, 2021 to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the county. Roll call of seven approved.

Discussion Items:


  • Board heard the President's Report from Debbie Scott which highlighted the following:
    • Discussion of the annual board-sponsored staff Christmas
      • Agreed to have Lori Williamson cater the
      • Discussed having the option of dine-in, carry-out and delivery made available to
      • Agreed to have the staff send out
      • Menu choices, event date and other miscella11eous items to be discussed by staff in conference with Debbie
    • Discussed closing the Robinson facility at 4:30 m. instead of 6 p.m. on December 28, 29, 30 and 31 in celebration of the holiday season.
    • Debbie Scott reminded board members running for election or re-election that election packets are due between the dates of December 14 -


  • Board heard Director's report which highlighted the following:
  • Doug Roberts shared some key, circulation statistics generated out of the Polaris system for the month of October with board members. These numbers are part of the new monthly reporting recently enacted by library staff in an effort to better understand how best to serve the needs of our
  • Received notification from Secretary of State's office that our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) grant application was app1'oved in the amount of $2,000. Sanctioned expenditures from July 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020 will be eligible for
  • As part of the ongoing lighting project on tbe main, first floor reading areas, Todd Blocher, First Choice Electric, did a test fit of one new light lens on October 21. The test was an effort to determine any design and/or sizing changes that need to occur before fabrication of the entire 118 light lens covers. Some minor modifications were noted. Those findings were sent to the manufacturer. No timetable yet on the beginning of the new light installation.
  • Relocated the card catalogue to the Newlin hallway. In the process of developing an historical section revolving around the old Carnegie library and construction of our current Robinson facility.
  • Requested a 95-gallon tote from Data Management Shredding, Terre Haute, for confidential disposal/shredding of our office waste paper. The minimum we would pay would be $45 per quarter. The most we would pay per quarter would be $135.


Meeting adjourned at 6:18 p.m.