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Robinson Public Library District

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes February 17, 2020

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes February 17, 2020

Robinson Public Library District

Board of Trustees Meeting January 21, 2020

President Debbie Scott called the meeting to order at 5:10PM in the Newlin Room of the Robinson Library.

Members present: Debbie Scott, Wendy Kastner, Debbie Walls, Allen Summers, Michael Garrard

Members absent: Todd Liston, Rhonda Moade

Staff present: Michele Blair, Janice Shick

Public: None

Minutes: Minutes of the December 17, 2019 meeting were approved as corrected.

Financials: December check register was reviewed. Debbie Walls made a motion to accept the December check register and Debbie Scott seconded. Motion passed. It was noted the Mullins checking balance is $155.85. It was decided we could borrow from the corporate account if necessary until the next budget meeting. For now, there is a freeze on book purchases. The library received the final property tax and replacement tax payment.

President’s Report:   1) Old business: a) Building and Grounds: 1. New lighting for the library was discussed, lots of lighting on the perimeter are going out. After inspecting the lights at the Robinson Library, First Choice Electrical Service submitted a quote of $17162.40 to replace perimeter lights, inside lights above the bookshelves and other interior and exterior lights. The quote did not include sales tax. After discussion, Debbie Scott made a motion to approve up to $20,000.00 for new library lighting and Michael Garrard seconded. Motion passed. 2. After a discussion, it was decided the Robinson Library could fill the dumpster with any broken items and furniture. Robinson Library will plan a spring book sale. b) Personnel: 1. There have been 4 good applicants interviewed for the Oblong Library tech position. Allen Summers made a motion to hire Victoria Bastion for the Oblong library position at $10.00/hour. Wendy Kastner seconded. Motion passed. 2) Janice Shick and Mindi Williamson have applied for the district library director. It was decided to post the position on line with a degree in library science and/or experience preferred. Michael Garrard made a motion to post the district library director position on line and Debbie Walls seconded. 3) It was decided not to replace the humidifier, as it is not beneficial to have one in the Robinson library, and it may contribute to mold issues.

                                   2) New business: a) Allen discussed and explained the need for book processing machinery. The cost will be between $200- $300. After discussion, Debbie Walls made a motion to purchase the book processing machine and Debbie Scott seconded. Motion passed. b) After discussion, it was decided to check with the interviewees for the Oblong tech position as possible substitutes for the Oblong Library. c)other new business: some employees are interested in exploring direct deposit of paychecks. Janice will check on the cost. Michael Garrard made a motion to explore direct deposit cost for paychecks and Allen Summers seconded. Motion Passed.

Director's Report: 1) Hayden Glass plans to install the new windows in the Newlin Room the first week in February. 2) Illinois State Library Certification has been completed and confirmation of receipt has been received. 3) Per Capita Grant Application and Expenditure Report was submitted 12/31/19 to the Illinois Secretary of State. A confirmation of receipt was received. 4) Janice and Michele met with Jodi Truitt from Kemper CPA on January 10, 2020. 5) FOIA request was received regarding men's and women's bathroom remodeling projects. It was sent January 17, 2020. 6) The men's restroom remodel project is completed. Graber Post was here on 12/30/19 and completed the ventilation through the roof. 7) I contacted the directors of the Effingham Public Library and Carbondale Public Library regarding the type of humidifier they used and where they were purchased. Neither library has a humidifier. It was suggested that humidifiers contributed to mold issues. 8) March 12, 2020 Frontier will run the new conduit cable. Lazerware and First Choice Electric will be here to oversee the project as well. ICN ether net will be discontinued Tuesday, March 18, 2020. 9) Weeding of adult nonfiction is currently underway. 10) A staff meeting is scheduled for January 29, 2020 at 8:00AM. 11) Books are being compiled for a spring book sale. 12) Monthly reports from district libraries were reviewed, along with the new books ordered.

February Calendar

Feb. 17 President's Day Closed

Feb. 18 Board meeting 5:00pm

Meeting was adjourned at 7:20pm


Respectfully submitted, Wendy Kastner, Secretary




Deborah Scott, President ____________________________________