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Robinson Public Library District

Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes of September 21, 2021

Minutes of the September 21, 2021 Robinson Public Library District Board Meeting

Board members present in-person:  Craig Beals, Michael Garrard, Rhonda Moade, Debbie Scott and Debbie Walls

Board members present via Remote: None

Board members absent: Todd Liston and Guy Rumler

Total board members present: 5

Library staff present in person: Director Doug Roberts, and Janice Shick, Bookkeeper.

Library staff present via Remote: None

Library staff absent:  None

Guests present: None

Public Present: Mark Weber

Meeting called to order at 5:20 p.m.

Mark Weber, local resident, briefly entered the meeting and presented Board President Debbie Scott with a hand-written letter that expressed concern about the delivery of the Wall Street Journal to the library.  Mr. Weber, without further comment, departed the meeting.

 Action Items:

  • Approved to accept minutes of the August 17, 2021 board meeting as written, with no changes. Roll call of five approved.
  • Approved the August Check Register results as presented by bookkeeper, Janice Shick. Roll call of five approved. Board was also provided with a brief review of the month/year-to-date balance sheet results and the aged payables
  • Approved the Levy Ordinance (Ordinance 2021-6) for fiscal year July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022. Roll call of five approved.
  • Approved the pricing proposal of $87,572.28, to be paid entirely out of Special Reserves fund, from Demco for the purchase of new furniture in the Children’s Area. Roll call of five approved.  

Discussion Items:

  • President’s report highlighted the following:
    • Informed the board that she and former board member Wendy Kastner visited with Maxine Zwermann and presented her with a card and flowers on behalf of the library district’s board and staff. These items were to commemorate Maxine’s 100th  President Scott said that Maxine was very appreciative of the gesture.
    • Mentioned the nice turnout of support by library staff members at the visitation and celebration of life for Assistant Director Michelle Blair on Friday, September 3, 2021. President Scott also mentioned that it would be nice if the library district could come up with some type of memorial to honor Michelle’s service.
  • Board heard Director's report which highlighted the following:
    • Provided a summary of key district statistics for August.
    • Completed the FY21 Illinois Public Library Annual Report (IPLAR) on August 19.
    • Spoke with a seniors group at Highland Avenue Baptist Church on August 26 about different things the library has to offer.
    • Attended Open Meetings Act – Better Understanding and Compliance webinar on September 1. Reminded the group that each elected or appointed member of a public body subject to OMA must complete the electronic training curriculum developed and administered by the Public Access Counselor.  The training is available at:   The director added the site is currently down due to a cyber-attack and advised that he would let those that need to take the training when the site is back in operation.
    • Reiterated the praise for the Brian “Fox” Ellis event on September 8. Looking at the possibility of contracting Brian for a Summer Reading 2022 program date.
    • Had the first two Robinson story hours of the school year on September 8 and 15. Oblong branch had their first two on the 13th and 20th.
    • Working on construction of new library district website. Received training on September 10. 
    • Renovation of the kitchenette area into a locker room area nearly completed.
    • The district will join 81 other IHLS libraries in the 3rd Annual Library Crawl. The event will be from September 27 through October 17.
    • The district is going to set up a booth at this year’s Heath Harvest Festival on Saturday, October 2.
    • Library hosting Pumpkin Grove again this year. The event will be on Thursday, October 7 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
    • Renewed the annual service agreement with Conference Technologies Inc. for the smartboard, effective October 1.

Meeting adjourned at 6:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Garrard, Secretary

Deborah Scott, President