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Robinson Public Library District

Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes - March 17, 2020

MARCH 17, 2020

President Debbie Scott called the meeting to order at 5:10 PM in the Genealogy Room
of the Robinson Library. The Robinson Library Endowment meeting had been canceled
due to concerns with the current coronavirus pandemic. It will be rescheduled as soon as

Board members present were Debbie Scott, Todd Liston, Rhonda Moade, Allen
Summers, Michael Garrard, and Debbie Walls.

Board member absent was Wendy Kastner.

Staff members present were Michelle Blair and Janice Shick.

No public was present to comment.

The minutes of the February 18, 2020 meeting were approved as written.

Financials: Janice reviewed the financials with the board. Allen made a motion with a
second by Rhonda to accept the check register for February and the motion carried. It
was noted that the Endowment and Mullins/Keenen funds posted quarterly interest
recently. It was decided to review the revisions to the current budget at the next board
meeting with board members remembering to find their "Budget Summary-First
Revision Fiscal Year 2020" which was given out in the February board packet.

IMRF Employer Reserves Fund Report was reviewed by the board.

President's Report: Old Business

Discussion was held concerning an employee having her grandchildren at work with her.
Michelle had contacted Phil Lenzini, an Illinois library law expert, about this. Mr.
Lenzini said this childcare situation should not be allowed due to liability issues. The
board was in agreement to have Michelle inform the employee to no longer have her
grandchildren at work with her.

Upon further discussion Michael made a motion which was seconded by Rhonda to add
the following statements to the policy book: "If an employee has taken all his/her sick
days, any sick days taken after that are considered unexcused absences. There will be a
verbal warning on the 2" absence and a written warning on the 3' absence. After the 3'
absence, disciplinary action up to and including termination will be taken." Motion

The Personnel Committee described the 5 prospective candidates who were interviewed
for the director's position. Debbie Scott made a motion to hire Douglas Roberts as
director and Todd seconded the motion. After some discussion, motion carried.

Michael made a motion to set the new director's annual salary at $54,000 plus benefits
and Debbie Scott seconded the motion. Motion carried.

In light of the current coronavirus situation and the closing of the district libraries,
Michael made a motion to temporarily lift the ban on employees working from their
homes. Todd seconded the motion and motion carried.

The new Pest Control Policy was discussed and the board added the following: "The
library furniture will periodically be inspected for pests by staff. If a patron has
noticeable infestation of pests or noticeable bio-hazards on his person such as urine or
feces, the library has the right to reserve services." Michael made a motion to accept the
pest policy with the additions and Rhonda seconded the motion. Motion carried.

A quote from First Choice Electrical Service to replace and upgrade the lighting panel
near the main entrance of the Robinson Public Library was presented for $3358.00.
Michael had a motion to accept the quote and Todd seconded the motion. Motion

New Business: A Tax Abatement Resolution with the City of Robinson was discussed.
Allen made the motion to accept the resolution and Michael seconded the motion.

Role call vote was required and Michael, Allen, Rhonda, Todd, Debbie Scott and Debbie
Walls voted "aye". There were no "nay" votes.

Michael made the motion to accept the "5-Year Plan" and Debbie Scott seconded the
motion. Motion carried.

Sealed bids for lawn care at Robinson Public Library for the next 3 years were opened.
Michael made a motion to hire "5-0 Mowing" at the same rate as the previous 3 years.
Rhonda seconded the motion and the motion carried. It was noted that the board has
been quite pleased with the mowing services of this company.

With the resignation of Breyanna Weaver, the library district needed a new IMRF
authorized agent. Todd made a motion with a second from Debbie Scott to appoint
Janice Shick as the authorized agent. Motion carried.

Director's report was given by acting director, Michelle Blair. Debbie Scott, Janice and
Michelle had attended a Legislative Luncheon on February 10. The annual inspection of
the RPL elevator was March 9, 2020. The book sanitizer arrived on March 9. The
district is gearing up for National Library Week in April with several events planned.

Hayden's Glass replaced leaking windows in the Newlin Room in March. First Aid
Training has been canceled for March 25. Michelle is to speak at Highland Baptist
Church on March 26. A quarterly staff meeting is scheduled for April Pt at 8 AM.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:10 PM by President Debbie Scott.

Respectfully submitted by

Debora Walls, Acting Secretary

Deborah Scott, President