Robinson Public Library District

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Board Minutes

Minutes from the January 20, 2018 meeting of the Board of Trustees

Robinson Public Library District

Board of Trustees

January 20, 2018



  1. President Debbie Scott called the meeting of the Robinson Public Library District’s Board of Trustees to order at 8:05 a.m. on Saturday, January 20, 2018, in the Carnegie Room of the Robinson Public Library. 


Members Present:   Debbie Walls, Debbie Scott, Elmer Hale, Rhonda Moade and Wendy Kastner


Members Absent:  Allen Summers and Michael Garrard


Staff Present:   Breyanna Weaver and Jerry Barker



  1. Public Comments:  No public in attendance.



  1. Approval of Minutes from the November 15, 2017 Meeting:  The November 15, 2017 meeting minutes stand approved as a motion was made by Debbie Walls and seconded by Wendy Kastner.  The motion carried.



  1. Approval of Minutes from the December 20, 2017 Special Meeting:  The December 20, 2017 Special meeting minutes stand approved as a motion was made by Debbie Walls and seconded by Wendy Kastner.  The motion passed.



  1. Approval of Minutes from the January 5, 2018 Special Meeting:  The January 5, 2018 Special meeting minutes stand approved as a motion was made by Debbie Walls and seconded by Wendy Kastner.  The motion carried.



  1. Financials:

1.      Check Registers:  After review, a motion was made by Debbie Scott and seconded by Rhonda Moade, “that the November and December 2017 check registers are approved.”  The motion carried.


2.      Aged Payables:  The Board reviewed the November and December 2017 aged payables reports.


3.      Income & Budget Statement:  After Board review, the November and December 2017 financials are filed for audit. 


4.      Investments and Reserves:  The Board reviewed the District’s November and December 2017 investments, rates, reserves, interest income and check register details. 

  1. President’s Report: 

1.      Old Business: NA


2.      New Business:

a.       Economic Interest Form – The Board members and required staff completed and returned the Economic Interest Form to Breyanna for filing.


b.      FE Moran Security Upgrades – The quote from FE Moran Security on upgrades on Robinson Library’s Fire alarm system at $6,185 and Burglary alarm system at $2,945 was presented.  After brief questions and answers, Debbie Walls made a motion and Debbie Scott seconded, “that the quotes on both Fire and Burglary system upgrades are approved totaling $9,130.”  The motion carried.


c.       Other New Business –


                                                                                                  i.      Breyanna Weaver presented the need for a business phone she would use in regards to our new security and fire system upgrades require a special app on her phone for communicating with it.  She also expressed a concern on FOIA requests for staff texts on her personal phone concerning business.  This could solve both issues.  After brief discussion, Wendy Kastner made a motion and Debbie Walls seconded, “that a business phone is purchased for Breyanna’s use.”

The motion passed.


                                                                                                ii.       Breyanna also shared Consolidated Concrete said they are no longer available to clear our parking lot of snow.  The Board suggested a couple vendors as possibilities.



  1. Director’s Report:


  • Robinson Internet was down 11/20/17.


  • Oblong had a board break at the back entrance to the building.  Munson replaced it quickly.  He noticed other boards are also rotting out.  More work is needed.


  • Oblong had problems with their furnace.  After some investigation, it was determined the thermostat must be replaced.


  • The front sidewalk heater at Robinson is not working.  Bierbaum’s has been called to check on repairing it.


  • Michelle’s first day back as Assistant Director is Monday, February 12th .


  • Robinson had issues with the water fountain.  Goff’s ordered a part and are working on repairing it.  Since it has been repaired.


  • Mette’s repaired the trim on the front desk that had gotten kicked off.


  • All District libraries were closed January 12th and 13th because of ice and snow.



                                                Feb. 17            Board Meeting

                                                Feb. 19            Presidents’ Day (Closed)

                                                Mar. 17            Endowment and Board Meeting




  1. Monthly Reports:  All reports were reviewed by the Board.


1.       Robinson Public Library Children’s Report


2.      Hutsonville Public Library


3.      Oblong Public Library


4.      Susie Wesley Memorial Library - unavailable



  1. New Books Ordered in December and January



  1. February Calendar



  1. Announcements:   The next Board Meeting is Saturday, February 17, 2018 at 8:00 a.m.



  1. Adjournment:  President Debbie Scott asked to adjourn the meeting at 9:20 a.m.