Robinson Public Library District

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Board Minutes

Minutes from the June 23, 2018 meeting of the Board of Trustees

Robinson Public Library District

Board of Trustees

June 23, 2018



  1. President Debbie Scott called the meeting of the Robinson Public Library District’s Board of Trustees to order at 8:35 a.m. on Saturday, June 23, 2018, in the Carnegie Room of the Robinson Public Library. 


Members Present:   Allen Summers, Debbie Walls, Debbie Scott, and Rhonda Moade


Members Absent:  Elmer Hale, Michael Garrard, & Wendy Kastner


Staff Present:   Breyanna Weaver


Staff Absent: Jerry Barker



  1. Minutes of the May 19, 2018 Meeting:  The April 28, 2018 meeting minutes stand approved as read.



  1. Public Comments:  No public in attendance.



  1. Financials:

1.      Interfund Policy: The board reviewed the 2019 Interfund Loan Policy. After discussion, Debbie Walls         made a motion to, “accept the 2019 Interfund Loan Policy”. Rhonda Moade seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.


2.      New FY2019 Budget:  The Board reviewed the 2019 Budget and budget preparation sheet.  Debbie Walls made a motion to, “approve the 2019 Budget as presented” and Allen Summers seconded the motion. The motion passed.



  1. President’s Report: 


1.      Old Business:  Oblong Awning – The board discussed options for replacing the awning on the Oblong building. Breyanna will follow up with the awning company regarding damage to the old frame. A decision was tabled until further information can be obtained.


a.       Other Business – None


2.      New Business:

a.  Ordinance FY 2018-1: Prevailing Wage Ordinance: The Board reviewed the Prevailing Wage Ordinance. Allen Summers made a motion to, “accept Ordinance 2018-1: Prevailing Wage”, seconded by Debbie Scott. The motion passed.


b. Ordinance FY 2018-2: Meeting Dates: After discussion, Debbie Walls made a motion to, “accept Ordinance 2018-2: Meeting Dates”, seconded by Rhonda Moade. The motion carried.


c. Ordinance FY 2018-3: Annual Budget and Appropriation Legal Notice: The Board reviewed the legal notice. It will be placed in the Robinson Daily News.


d. Ordinance FY 2018-4: Special Reserve Fund: Following discussion, Allen Summers made a motion, seconded by Debbie Scott, “to accept Ordinance 2018-4: Special Reserves.” The motion carried.


e. Ordinance: FY 2018-5: Levy and Assess a Tax for Building: Following discussion, Rhonda Moade made a motion, seconded by Debbie Walls, to “Accept Ordinance 2018-5: Levy and Assess a tax for building.” The motion carried.


e.  Disaster Plan: The board reviewed the updates to the Disaster Plan.


f.  Personnel: The board reviewed a request for staff leave.  After discussion, Rhonda Moade made a motion to, “Grant leave time to Jerry Barker through July 11, 2018.” Debbie Walls seconded the motion. Motion passed. A second request for leave was no longer needed as the staff member has returned to work.



  1. Director’s Report:

*Summer Reading Programs are off to a great start at all libraries! We are looking forward to a fun-filled summer. The libraries have been a lot busier since school has been out! We are seeing many more families using the library!


*Storms went through the county on Thursday, May 31st and caused power outages at both Robinson and Oblong libraries. The libraries closed at 12:30 p.m. The storm also caused damage to the awning on the Oblong building. Kessler construction came and took down the awning.  We were already working to replace it.


*Robinson has had trouble with one of the phone lines. Frontier came to inspect the problem twice and it seems that the issue is finally resolved.


*We have had trouble with the alarm since the power outage. We have had several trouble lights and sensor issues. FE Moran is scheduled to return next week.


*Jodi Truitt, Kemper CPA, and her team will be here the week of July 30th to begin the annual audit.


*Breyanna attended a meeting with the taxing bodies on June 5, 2018.


*Tony Droste will begin the driveway project on August 3rd.




June-July: Summer Reading Program

July 4: Independence Day (Closed)

July 21: Board Meeting 8:00 a.m.

August 18: Board Meeting 8:00 a.m.



  1. Monthly Reports:  All reports were reviewed by the Board.


1.      Robinson Public Library Children’s Report


2.      Oblong Public Library



  1. Books Ordered in May



  1. July Calendar



  1. Announcements:  The next Board Meeting is Saturday, July 21at 8:00 a.m.



  1. Adjournment:  President Debbie Scott adjourned the meeting at 10:18 a.m.