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Robinson Public Library District

Your Library Card

Getting a card, renewing materials, placing holds, etc.

Who can get a card
People who reside and/or own a business or property in the District and pay taxes to support library operations.  All cardholders must be of kindergarten age or above, and applicants under age sixteen (16) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Cards are issued to eligible patrons for a three (3) year period and are renewable upon request so long as the District residency or ownership continues, the patron remains in good standing, and he/she provides a current I.D.  The non-resident owner must present a current tax sheet.

Non-residence fees
Families residing outside the district and not owning a business or property within the district are extended use of the library collection by means of a yearly fee of one hundred thirteen dollars and zero cents ($113.00).  This fee is determined by a state-mandated formula and must be paid annually.

How to Get Your Card
A borrower's card will be issued to them at no additional charge, but they must provide a photo I.D. with name and current address.  Non-resident business or property owners are further required to present proof of tax payment.

Borrowing Limits
A District patron card may have no more than ten (10) items on loan at one time.  When a new patron is issued a card, he/she may check out only two (2) items the first time the card is used.

Placing Holds
Materials that are not immediately available for use but are in the District collection may be reserved at District buildings or remotely.  When the reserved material becomes available, the patron will be notified by phone, text or email.  The title of the material will be revealed only to the person who requested it.  Any message left on voicemail or with another person will indicate only the format of the material.  One one (1) notification attempt will be made and the item(s) will be held for no longer than one (1) week.  These same steps will be followed for materials borrowed from other libraries to fill patron requests.

Renewing Your Borrowed Items
The length of the loan period for the borrowed items depends upon the type of material or equipment borrowed.

Library Fines
Fines are depended on the type of material or equipment borrowed or, for Interlibrary loan materials, the fine is set by the lending library.  Fines not paid upon return of overdue material will be billed to the borrower.  Items not returned within fourteen (14) days of an overdue notice are considered lost.  When a patron's unpaid fines and charges exceed two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50), the patron's borrowing privileges are suspended until payments reduce the balance to that amount or less.