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Robinson Public Library District

Internet Policy and Use Agreement


Libraries make it possible for citizens to have access to information they need. As a member of the Illinois Library and Information Network (ILLINET), the Robinson Public Library District is committed to networking, which represents good public policy by maximizing the use of resources of all types of libraries. Every library user benefits from expanded access to information beyond the four walls of a single library building.

The Robinson Public Library District and ILLINET libraries use electronics information networks, such as the Internet, for a variety of purposes:

1.access to shared automation systems that provide bibliographic access to the collections of the local library and libraries in the region and other parts of the state, the nation, and the world.

2. access to general and specialized shared licensed databases available to ILLINET member libraries through regional and statewide cooperative programs.

3.access to the wealth of additional information resources available via the Internet.

Most resources available via the Internet and other electronic information networks are “global” resources rather than “local” resources. The Robinson Public Library District does not and cannot control the information content available through global resources. Therefore, library users are asked to keep in mind the following points when evaluating information obtained via the Internet.

1. Information obtained via the Internet may or may not be reliable and may or may not be obtained from a reliable source.
2.Information obtained via the Internet may or may not be accurate.
3.Information obtained via the Internet may or may not be current and up-to-date.
4.Links to information on the Internet may not always be valid, and particular information sites on the Internet may sometimes be unavailable.
5.Certain information obtained via the Internet may be considered controversial by some library patrons.

All users of the Robinson Public Library District’s public access Internet stations are required to abide by the following rules and regulations:

*All users must register at the Circulation Desk. Before any person is granted use of an Internet stations, he/she shall review and sign a yearly Internet Policy and Use Agreement. October 1 of each year a new agreement must be signed.
* Internet users under the age of eighteen (18) must have signed authorization by parents or legal guardians on file at the Library District.
*Children ten (10) years old and younger must be accompanied by a responsible adult approved by the parent or legal guardian when using the Library’s Internet access. Youth ages eleven (11) – seventeen (17) may work independently if they have signed parental permission, but the Library District does not assume any responsibility for the use of the Internet by a minor.
*The Robinson Public Library District acknowledges that children and young adults need access to all the information and ideas essential to their growth, and a wealth of information is available on the World Wide Web. However, there is information on the network that the parent/legal guardian may not want to have available to a child/minor. Therefore, parents/legal guardians must accept full responsibility for their child/minor’s use of and actions on the network and are encouraged to both supervise their child’s use of the Internet and discuss beforehand issues of appropriate use and electronic information network safety.
*Internet stations are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, and seating per workstation is restricted to two registered individuals at a time.
*Use will be limed on any given day to an initial period of 30 uninterrupted minutes, if no one else is waiting for a workstation at the end of a user’s initial period, the time limit may be extended at the discretion of the library staff (Updated July 15, 2006)
*If a person leaves his workstation for more than 5 minutes, it is assumed the user is not returning, and the station will be considered unoccupied and ready for the next person in line.
*Library staff may assist patrons in starting the Internet browsing program but cannot provide extensive instruction in research techniques nor perform the searches for the patron. Special arrangements can be made to accommodate use by patrons with disabilities that affect Internet access.
*Patrons may print information from the Internet station at a cost of twenty (20) cents per page or fifty (50) cents per page if printed in color.
*Aside from the type of use restricted by Board policy and outlined in succeeding paragraphs, the Library District staff will not be responsible for determining what is appropriate for any individual and does not utilize any methods of blocking access to Internet sites or materials based on content. Staff will not monitor an individual’s use of any sites except when material displayed on the screen is not appropriate in a public environment.
*As stated previously, users must bear in mind that information and data obtained on the World Wide Web is generated outside the Library District. The Robinson Public Library District disclaims any warranty as to the information’s accuracy, authoritativeness, timeliness, usefulness, or fitness for a particular purpose. The patron is responsible for verifying the accuracy of any material selected. The Library District shall have no liability for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages relating to Internet access and/or use of information obtained.
*The Library District will not administer or maintain e-mail accounts or systems although patrons eighteen (18) years of age or older may access their own e-mail account.
*The use of chat rooms, Instant messages, or the creation of personal web pages is not permitted at the Library District’s Internet access. The Library’s Internet stations are intended to be used primarily as research tools, not devices for personal or commercial ventures.

*The following activities represent other unacceptable Internet use and are not allowed by the Robinson Public Library District.

1.use of the network in any way or for any purpose that results in the harassment of other users.
2.destruction of, damage to, or unauthorized alteration of the Library District’s computer equipment, software, or network security procedures.
3.use that in any way violates a Federal or State law.
4.use that in any way violates licensing and payment agreements between the Robinson Public Library District and network/database providers.
5.unauthorized duplication of copyright-protected software on the network and/or Library District workstations or violation of software license agreements.
6.violation of system security
7.behaving in manner that is disruptive to other users, including, but not limited to overuse of computer equipment, which serves to deny access to other users.

*The patron and/or parent/legal guardian is liable for any damage resulting form abuse of Internet access and/or resources and services at the Robinson Public Library District.
*Violation of any aspect of this policy may result in the loss of library privileges and may include possible legal action, where appropriate.


1st Offense Warning of violation – Date of offense noted. If violator is a minor parent/legal guardian will be notified by certified letter from Director.

2nd Offense Internet suspension for one (1) month- Date of Offense noted. If Violator is a minor, parent/legal guardian will be notified by certified letter from Director.

3rd Offense Internet suspension for three (3) months – Date of offense noted.  If violator is a minor, parent/legal guardian will be notified by certified letter from Director.

4th Offense Internet suspension for one (1) years – Date of offense is noted. If Violator is a minor; parent/legal guardian will be notified by certified letter from Director