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Robinson Public Library District


-All patrons are required to dress appropriately for a public place, including shirts and shoes.
-"No Smoking" signs are posted at all facilities.
-No food or drink is allowed in public areas without special permission of the Board of Trustees.
-There is no public telephone service in any District facility.  Staff may take or make calls for patrons only in case of an emergency.
-Children uder the age of 11 must be accompanied and directly supervised at all times by a parent or other responsible caregiver at least 16 years old.  Youth over 10 are left alone in the library at the discretion of the parents, who are responsible for thier conduct and for making sure the youth safely leave the Library premises by closing time.
-Anyone who engages in disruptive or unsafe activity or behavior that interferes with others' use of the Library or with the ability of staff to perform their job duties will be considered in violation of District policies.
-Violations of the Library District policies are grounds for suspension of library priveleges.